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Positive Thinking Experiment

I've been thrown some curve balls in my life that I am proud to say I have handled well. In order to stay positive throughout all the negativity, I have journaled, created vision boards, and I even listened to countless hours of positivity focused audiobooks. There's no secret recipe to happiness because everyone gauges happiness in different ways. To me, happiness is security with the ones I love. Pretty simple, huh?
OK, so you don't need to do what I did, and I wouldn't recommend the hours of book reading or listening. If you're working on being a more positive person, or even if it was your new year resolution, here is a guideline to follow. Take gratitude walks. It is hard to carve out time to walk around, but I encourage you to take 10 minutes at first and work up to 30 minutes a week. I suggest taking a walk anywhere, even around your house, with your significant other and mention all the things you are grateful for. You can do it alone, like I do around my off…

Finance Fridays: Travel

Just returning from a business trip to Chicago made me think of how much more I could have spent while traveling. It is easy to get sucked in all the gift shops, tips to hotel employees, and meals. The most important thing is to stay organized.

Plan the logistics of the trip. If flying, try to avoid driving to your local airport and paying parking fees. If a family member or friend is not available to drive you to the airport, a public bus may get you there. If you have to park at the airport, park in the economy lot. If you are driving, fill up on gas before leaving and avoid stopping unless you need more gas. Stopping at convenience stores or restaurants will entice you to spend more.

Spending on meals can be pricey, especially in a city like Chicago. I purchased crackers and granola bars for the drive and stay so I was not temped by convenience stores. Try to purchase food at restaurants you know are inexpensive.

It is preferred that you tip the valet, bell hop, taxi driver, and room …