Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Cheap Tax Documents Storage

I am constantly updating my orgranizing systems. First, I was loyal to binders. Binders all over the place. Then, I swore by manilla folders in crates with nice labels. Now, I have fallen in love with simple folders that force you to not over do it with paperwork.

I found these great folders at Big Lots for $2 a piece.

They are made by BridgePort. These 10-pocket folders are great because you don't have to hole punch a single sheet. Plus, you don't need sheet protectors. Each folder is poly and flexible.

Two pockets on each page, front and back.

Thick enough to hold all your important tax documents. Buy one for each year. Always keep your taxes going back 7 years. A relative was audited last year and he wishes he had listened to this tip.

I will move my documents in folders into these 10-pocket folders. I will store them in the crates that are holding my manilla folders now.

Life is all about improvement. Always improving.


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

DIY Office in a Box

I have a feeling that you collect these flip-top Nike shoe boxes too. Am I right? I just love them. I have seen them covered in fabric, wrapping paper, and washi tape. I will cover mine in Duck Tape. In the meantime, I had to organize it. It was a catch-all for, well, everything. I dump my purse out in it when I get home. I had a ton of receipts, rubber bands, hair ties, discount cards, envelopes, stickers, and my label maker. Oh, you don't carry around you label maker? Must just be me.

This is what I started with:

Then, I did this:

Instead of it being my catch-all in the kitchen, it is my little "office in a box". I have flash drives, pens, earplugs, stickers, envelopes, and my lovely label maker.

Have you made an office in a box? Let's share.