Monday, March 10, 2014

The Closet Diet

I do not diet or believe that diets work. I believe in changes in lifestyle and eating habits. The Closet Diet is a new and improved closet. A fresh spin on you everyday fashion. And all this coming from a gal with college t-shirts from 11 years ago!

1. Sort t-shirts, jeans, dress pants, blouses, sweaters, tank tops, dresses and blazers. Jeans are for super casual wear, not work. Keep just 3-5 pairs of jeans.

2. Go through each pile and ask yourself if you have worn it in 3 months. If not, start a donation pile and place these items there. Focus on keeping simple and classic pieces, preferably solid colored pieces. Keep one or two fun print tops for special occasions.

3. Have a small cheat bin. Keep some items that you like wearing around the house, or that are sentimental to you.

4. BUY NEW CLOTHES. You need to refresh your closet with new STAPLE pieces:
    - black tank top
    - white tank top
    - white button-down ironed shirt with long sleeves
    - black trousers
    - black pencil skirt
    - black cardigan
    - black or white blazer (not for a suit)
    - black suit (dry clean only)
    - black patent pumps
    - little balck dress

5. Hang pants on pant hanger with clips. Pants should not be folded on a hanger or shelf.

6. Hangers should match. Even if they are felt hangers from Dollar Tree, get white ones if possible.

Have you taken a closet diet? Take action today!


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