Friday, March 7, 2014

Styling a Mega Long Mantle

10 and 1/2 feet. That is the length of my mega long mantle. It sits a top a large fireplace and what was once a TV cubbie. It is not so easy to style a very long mantle, especially one that is so prominent in a room and a main focal point.

The cubbie is still a style-in-progress. The mantle is centered by a large oval mirror. I have had art work there before, but I like the mirror that matches my dark brown leather furniture in this family room. (The formal living room is all creamy white and does not have a TV.)

I placed two skinny, tall wall hangings as the anchors. Then, I peppered in two photo frames, two candle sticks on the right (hard to see), two books that are actually hollow inside, a tall vase, and three candle pillars. Everything here was purchased at Kirklands, my absolute favorite home decor store. Prices are incredible!


The cubbie hole on the bottom right was meant to hold a large vacuum TV. There is just the one shelf. I plan to make this a pillows and blankets storage area. I will bring in a large basket to hold all that.

I plan to bring in some faux flowers in large vases, which I also purchased at my favorite store.

What do you think could be done to improve this space? I am always open to suggestions.


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