Monday, March 17, 2014

First spackle project

In an effort to get the house prepped for sale, I have to go around the house and patch up any holes. The deepest hole I have to cover is the one left by a door stop on my coat closet.

I purchased squeezable spackle at Lowe's. It goes on pink and dries white. I'm sure a woman created this product. It is brilliant! The only issue I had was that some pink liquid came out first, but it was easy to wipe up quickly.

I also purchased a small square of FibaTape, which is self-adhesive and goes over the hole before the spackle.

I also purchased a putty knife for applying the spackle.

Here is the door as it is drying.

And, a close up of the hole.

I will wait for this to dry white and reapply once or twice more. Then, I will sand it down. Lastly, I will paint over it if needed. It is not the most noticable spot on the door, but I want to do it right.

I'm thrilled that I tackled my first spackle job. Woohoo! Go me... go me...


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