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Finance Fridays: Moving

Moving is hard. Plain and simple. It is stressful, detailed, and chaotic. Oh, and to top it off, it is expensive. 

List of expenses you should encounter when moving:

  • security deposit on new apartment or earnest money & down payment on new home
  • packing supplies (boxes, blankets, dolly, tape, bags, etc.)
  • truck rental
  • release of lease on apartment or sale of old home (various expenses here)
  • change of address and possible lost mail

What you should NOT pay for:

  • Fee for a moving broker, someone who helps you find a realtor or apartment. If you are selling your house, you will pay your broker a commission (5-7%). A broker finding you a new home will not be paid a commission by you; she will receive a cut of the selling broker's commission.
  • Phone company fees to change your phone number. They always want to charge you for changing your number, but you should threaten dropping them all together. Watch that fee disappear.
  • Apartment cleaning fees, AKA your original security deposit. Don't lose it, so thoroughly clean your apartment before you leave. This includes wiping everything down with dish soap and water in a spray bottle, replace your stove top drip pans ($6 at Walmart), and vacuum.

What things are you doing to make moving easier for you?


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Junk Drawer Organization

I just moved to a new city and state, and none of my storage space in my new apartment is like all my storage space in my old house. I downsized from 2,000 square feet to 900 square feet, so I am trying to cope.

The junk drawer is always a hassle. It won't open well, it won't stay shut, or you can't find anything.
Dollar Tree to the rescue! I purchased plastic skinny storage containers and poster tack (putty) all at the dollar store. For less than $5, I have this now:

No labels needed. Each container had very little in it. One for pens, index cards (used for shopping lists), measuring tape, tape and stapler, mini flashlight and box cutter, and letter opener and hole punch.

Simply cut a dime-size chunk of poster tack. Place it on the bottom corners of your containers. And, place the container in its rightful spot. When you open the drawer, nothing moves or jingles. So nice!!

Let me know what you've done to tame your junk drawer.

Free Printable - Daily Journal

I journal everyday. I jot down a few sentences or bullet points that help me set the tone for my day, and then I reflect on my day. It creates self-awareness and motivation. It helps me understand what is really important to me.

I have been through a rough few months due to a job loss that, which was really a blessing to lose. I was bullied excessively by a manager for 11 months. It took a lot of strength for me not to quit and stay motivated. This journal is what helped!

Download here!

1. Visit link.
2. This is a PDF. So, print page 2 in color (or black and white), double-sided. That will give you four days of journaling per page. Print as many pages as you want. I printed 90.
3. Print the cover page as the cover of your journal.
3. Three-ring hole punch or spiral bind hole punch the top of each page.
4. Bind in three-ring binder or spiral binding.

Positive Thinking Experiment

I've been thrown some curve balls in my life that I am proud to say I have handled well. In order to stay positive throughout all the negativity, I have journaled, created vision boards, and I even listened to countless hours of positivity focused audiobooks. There's no secret recipe to happiness because everyone gauges happiness in different ways. To me, happiness is security with the ones I love. Pretty simple, huh?
OK, so you don't need to do what I did, and I wouldn't recommend the hours of book reading or listening. If you're working on being a more positive person, or even if it was your new year resolution, here is a guideline to follow. Take gratitude walks. It is hard to carve out time to walk around, but I encourage you to take 10 minutes at first and work up to 30 minutes a week. I suggest taking a walk anywhere, even around your house, with your significant other and mention all the things you are grateful for. You can do it alone, like I do around my off…