Friday, February 28, 2014

Finance Fridays: Moving

Moving is hard. Plain and simple. It is stressful, detailed, and chaotic. Oh, and to top it off, it is expensive. 

List of expenses you should encounter when moving:
- security deposit on new apartment or earnest money & down payment on new home
- packing supplies (boxes, blankets, dolly, tape, bags, etc.)
- truck rental
- release of lease on apartment or sale of old home (various expenses here)
- change of address and possible lost mail

What you should NOT pay for:
- Fee for a moving broker, someone who helps you find a realtor or apartment. If you are selling your house, you will pay your broker a commission (5-7%). A broker finding you a new home will not be paid a commission by you; she will receive a cut of the selling broker's commission.
- Phone company fees to change your phone number. They always want to charge you for changing your number, but you should threaten dropping them all together. Watch that fee disappear.
- Apartment cleaning fees, AKA your original security deposit. Don't lose it, so thoroughly clean your apartment before you leave. This includes wiping everything down with dishsoap and water in a spray bottle, replace your stovetop drip pans ($6 at Walmart), and vacuum.

What things are you doing to make moving easier for you?

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