Friday, February 7, 2014

Finance Fridays: Luxury at Home

I don't want to suggest that you do not splurge on anything. A spa or mani/pedi day is great when you really need it. However, a financial burden arises when it becomes a habit.

1. Get in the habit of picking 1-2 hours per week on a certain day each week to pamper yourself at home. This includes a facial, nails, and even long bath. I choose Sunday evenings as the perfect time to do all the above. I purchase my face masks and nail polishes at CVS.

2. Say "no" to massages. I get at least two coupons each week for $45 for a 30-minute massage to a chain massage parlor. I have had massages, and I know how soothing they are. However, I suggest soaking in hot bath or even having your spouse give you a massage. These massage parlors are a huge cash-suck.

3. Do not purchase salon products at the salon. Instead of buying Aveda products at an Aveda salon, look for those or similar products online or at Ulta. Salons provide huge mark-ups on their goods. It is tempting when the stylist pushes a product at you, but just say politely, "I will think about it and come back."

4. Scents! There are hundreds of studies related to scents and the emotions they evoke. Lavender, a wideily use scent, is available in potpourri, candles, and everything in between. Also, citrus scents, especially lemon and orange, are used by expensive salons to evoke cleanliness and freshness. All of these scents do it for me. Find your favorite one and light up a candle at home to help soothe you.

5. Musical sounds of luxury. I always here light jazz or mellow harp music when I go to a spa or salon. Use free online radio, such as I Heart Radio, and find just the music to help you relax. Play it low and in the background.

I urge you to enjoy your home more. Do not spend the money on spas and salons for what you can do at home.


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