Thursday, January 23, 2014

Time for comfy style

I wish it was always time for comfy style. You know, comfy style - clothes that are warm, soft, and loose-fitting. Oh, and... they do not flatter your body at all. 

Here I am, in a very comfty style kind of mood. I throw on my ultra soft on the inside Chicago hoodie that I picked up (of all places) at a Walgreens in Downtown Chicago. I was unprepared for the chilly wind that day in August, so I threw this on at the cash register. Classy. 

So, the perfect time to break out your comfy style, which could include sweatpants, t-shirts, hoodies, worn-in jeans, or that piece of clothing that you would be caught dead outside in (Snuggie anyone?), is when you are literally inside your home and you will not encounter another human being. I guess spouses are excluded, but you should try to not wear this often around the hubbie.

I see people where their comfty style outside the home all the time. Not cool. It is just as easy to grab a fitted t-shirt, holeless jeans, and finish with some boots. To keep my wardrobe in check, I have a tiny assortment of comfy style clothes to choose from: 1 pair of jeans, 1 hoodie (shown above), 2 college t-shirts, 1 unattractive chunky sweater, and 1 pair of sweatpants. The key is to store all these items together and away from your regular clothes, so you have to work to find them. This keeps me from throwing these peices on too often.

Quick tip: Play it down
Do not add jewelry or have your hair cute when wearing the comfy style. A messy bun or pony tail will do. Keep makeup very basic, if any. Looking plain-Jane in this outfit will keep you from grabbing for it on a regular day.

Quck tip: Don't wash jeans
Keep your jeans comfy by not washing them, unless absolutely necessary (i.e, stains, stench, etc.). This will keep your jeans from being stiff and tight.

Quick tip: Hide
Wear sunglasses if you must leave the house. This will at least hide your identity a bit if someone you know spots you in this getup.

Let me know what your comfy style is.


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