Thursday, January 9, 2014

Three days of misery... sort of

Misery may be a strong term. More of a strong inconvenience. I did not have internet or television for four days. There was a bad snow storm where I live, and the loss of power seemed to have knocked out my internet and TV. To top it off, I had my child at home due to no school. Wow, I have never played so many card games and watched so many DVDs on the laptop.

If you are caught in a similar situation, below are some tips I learned to pass the time.

1. Board and card games. This is perfect for adults and kids, or just the adults. Have the neighbors over for games if possible.
2. Speed cleaning games. While cleaning may not be fun to everyone, the kids will go along if they think it is a race. This works well for decluttering and laundry. (I am officially the fastest dishwasher loader in the family.)
3. Story telephone game. One person starts a story stops mid-way, and the person to his/her left adds to the story. It makes for great laughs.
4. Anything in the snow. Snow angels, snowmen, snowball fights, and sledding. You need to get out of the house.
5. Pantry recipes. Be creative to make food out of what you have stashed in the pantry. This could be pasta dishes, cookies, casseroles, etc.
6. DIY projects. Grab all the supplies you've been hoarding and make lots of things. Paint plates and mugs. Make your own art and frame the pieces. Scrabooking is okay too. To prepare for DIY projects, purchase small containers of paint from Lowes or Home Depot (or even sample paints). Store them in a dry, cool place, like the basement.

We didn't let the inconvenience of no internet or television get us down. Let me know what you do to get through snow storms.


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