Sunday, January 5, 2014

Speedy breakfast

Not that I make breakfast a huge priority. I once worked with a lady who said breakfast was a big event in her home every day, and she made pancakes, sausage, eggs, toast, bacon, and fresh juice - every day! Bless hea heart. That is just not me, and I wouldn't want it to be. I love cereal. I mean I really, really love cereal. All types of cereal. However, if I am out of milk for some reason (rare), I trust toast and Nutella. I remember the first time I bought Ferrero's Nutella and ate it with a spoon until I was full. Then, I realized it was great on toast too.

Since it is a hazelnut spread with cocoa, my kid loves it too. I like using Nutella in chocolate truffles and other recipes. If I could ever create an untorn crepe, I would use Nutella as the spread.

As school starts up again tomorrow, I will trust Nutella for some quick breakfasts. My kid has been known to eat toast or a bagel in the car on the way to school. Hey, I know she isn't the only one!

Share your quick breakfast stories here.


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