Thursday, January 23, 2014

Mom don'ts that I did

1. I dropped my child off at school in my workout clothes, a pony tail, and no makeup. But, I practically jogged her in and my way out as fast as possible without talking to anyone.

2. I ate one of my child's snack. I buy lots of snack-size things (chips, granola bars, cookies, etc.) for her afterschool snack. So, I had one myself while she was home and I hid in another room while I ate it. If she would have caught me, I could only imagine her disappointment.

3. I lied to my child. When she wouldn't pick up her toys, I threatened to take them to the Goodwill in the morning. I placed all of them in a trash bag and then into my car. The bag was out of my car and toys were back in the living room the next day. I like to think that the threat was good enough.

4. I told her the Easter Bunny is not real. It just slipped out, really. I could not take it back once it was out there. But, she still believes the Tooth Fairy, Santa, and her Elf on the Shelf are real.

5. I do not fraternize with other moms at my child's school. I smile and say hello when someone passes, but that it is.

6. WORST OF ALL. My husband and I talk negatively about some people we know in front of her. We pretty much forget that she is listening. I dread the day she blurts out something I've said about someone to that person's face. I will lie through my teeth! (I should just stop talking about people, of course.)

What "parent fails" have you done lately?


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