Thursday, January 23, 2014

Lighting love affair

I never thought I could love a lighting fixture so much. This pendant chandelier, from Lowes, is so pretty. It reflects my personality and style. Didn't know a light could do all that?

Doesn't it make your heart go pitter patter? Well, it does for me. I first found this light on Pinterest. I followed the link from there to a woman's blog. She has it in her dining room too. She said she got it at Lowes, and off I went to Lowes to make my purchase. I was grateful that they had it. Even though it was no longer available in brushed nickel (my fave), I went with the bronze. My table is dark brown anyways, so it is a perfect fit. Bonus: everyone who sees it loves it and comments on it right away. A chandelier can really speak volumes.

What does yours look like?


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