Sunday, September 15, 2013

Ode to a Bathroom

Oh dear, dear bathroom. With your accessories so cheap and falling apart. I count the days to your departure (via Goodwill donation, of course).

Like many used home buyers, I acquired a home with the cheapest possible fixtures, carpet, floors, Formica, etc. Slowly, and I mean turtle pace, but surely, we have replaced several problem areas. I am focusing on quasi-ceramic and plastic bathroom accessories. See this beauty below.

 Exhibit A; Toilet paper holders. Plastic rod with off-white ceramic frames. They were installed poorly and not anchored to the wall. You don't want to see what lies behind the frame! The hole is massive, and the toilet paper holder falls out of the wall every day. Sad, right?

And not to forget this gem.
 Exhibit B: Towel bar. Ceramic ends and plastic rod. It jiggles when you while your hands, and is not anchored in the wall at all. As you can tell, the former owner cut corners everywhere.

The goal this week is to replace all three bathrooms with brushed nickel accessories, installed correctly.

Hello gorgeous!


I will post before and afters ASAP.


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