Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Handbag Downsizing

I can't be the only one constantly improving and organizing my handbags. Not only do I worry about the look of the handbag, but I also consider the size. I have a large and a small handbag. 

First, the large handbag is a Madison tote from HSN (below in black). It is massive. I can put my laptop, iPad, and so many other things inside. However, the large the bag, the more I accumulate. My arms were hurting! 

Second, the small Nine & Co. handbag (below in white) that I got from Kohl's is my new go-to handbag. It is very light, it has a nice and easy zipper, and there are few compartments that I have to get confused with.

I have been very successful with handbags from HSN, especially those from designer Joy Mangano. I always get compliments from other women. However, they are large and tend to weigh me down. The prices are good, abut $20 to $40. The Madison tote is on sale today for just $27. If you need a large tote to do it all that does not tear and is made well, this is the one. I think I am going to use my small handbag much more.


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