Thursday, January 3, 2013

Pantry redo

The kitchen pantry is one of those spaces that gets redone often, no matter how perfect you think it is. Fact is, it is simple and cheap to redo. I shopped at Dollar Tree and found monochromatic plastic bins.

I chose five yellow squares, four yellow ovals, and two yellow stackable trays. That is a total of $11.00.


Wire shelving is my enemy. Until I purchase hard liners, I will make do the cheap way - bins. Previously, I used any tray or bin I had laying around (see spice plate and Colts bucket). But, I am on a mission... a mission to organize and beautify.

I will add labels to each bin. At least now, everything has a place. And, no one can say "I just put it anywhere because I didn't know where it goes." No excuses.


Please let me know your thoughts on cheap organization and storage.


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