Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New year goals

With the start of every year, you feel rejuvinated and anxious. This is the best time to set new, attainable goals.

Step 1: Name goals
Step 2: Set deadlines
Step 3: Strategize
Step 4: Celebrate each milestone

My blog goals for the year include:
  • Invest in professional grade camera (other than tablet and phone cameras)
  • Create crafting space in home
  • Make storage and organization a priority
  • Consider advertising
  • Commit one hour per day
What are your goals? Can I help you attain any of them?




  1. Happy New Year Diana! I just set my resolutions as well for the new year. Mine are eat healthier, drink more water, organize my time better, exercise more and spend more time with family. :)

    1. Amen amen! Best of luck in them. Alejandra at recomments setting quarterly goals, and she even provides a template. I think I will follow her advice so I can stick to my goals that much better. God bless!