Friday, December 21, 2012

Why not two advent calendars?

The Christmas spirit has been seeping out of my pores this season. Instead of giving my child one advent calendar to help countdown the days until Christmas, we made two!

The first advent calendar was the easiest. From Dollar Tree, I purchased white paper cups (found in the wedding decorations section), foam Christmas stickers (maybe 100 in a bag), black number stickers (found in the school supplies section), and solid red wrapping paper. Each item was $1.00!

With a box cutter, I removed the bottom circle of the cup and cut the cup along the seam. Once the cup was unfolded, I pressed it down on the red wrapping paper and traced around it. I cut out one piece from the paper, and traced it 12 times. I wanted to alternate red and white cups. I used small pieces of tape to wrap the strip of paper around 12 cups. once wrapped, I adhered the numbers and then the foam stickers. I also purchased goodies from Dollar Tree, such as pencils, erasers, candy, pens, small puzzles, and other trinkets. The cups were stacked one to 24 on the mantel.

The second advent calendar used similar items from the first one.

With a tree-shaped cookie glass jar I had on hand, I filled it with emptied matchboxes from Dollar Tree. I wrapped each one in red wrapping paper, leaving the sides white to slide in and out the box holding the trinket. I used the same foam Christmas stickers and wrote numbers on them with pen. Each day, a child can open a box to count day the days until Christmas. Since the matchbox is so small, I wrote special things on small pieces of card stock, such as:
  • Play a board game together
  • Drink hot cocoa
  • Go to a movie together
  • Make a card for someone
  • Pick a toy to donate
  • Visit Santa

What kid wouldn't want TWO advent calendars?


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