Wednesday, December 26, 2012

New Year's sweet gift

Like many people, I can't get enough of easy reuse projects. I seem to always have CD sleeves in my home office, many of which can with some software I don't use any more. Similar sleeves here for $6.00. Reuse CD sleeves as single cookie packaging. The only trick is making the right size cookie, preferably round.

No one does it like Team Martha added free printable labels that you simply glue to the sleeves.

I appreciate the tradition of eating Chinese food on New Year's Eve and reading the fortunes in the fortune cookies. This year, I plan on making a fortune cookie-ish round cookie to include in each sleeve. I'll even slip in a small piece of paper behind the cookie with a fortune printed on it. Easy and classy.

As a fun game, I will try having everyone write down a fortune that they wish for the group for the new year on a fortune cookie shaped piece of paper. People throw them into a bowl and each fortune gets read aloud.

What are you planning for NYE?


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