Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Christmas Decorating - Thrifty And DIY

I realized that it takes very little money to decorate your home for Christmas. It will cost you less than $10 and lots of creativity.

1. Wreaths
Dollar Tree sells snowflake ornaments in glitter. Glue them in a circle or on a thin piece of cardboard or forum board, also from Dollar Tree. Hang up with pretty ribbon.

Candy is in large supply, so glue some onto a wreath. I cut out a wreath shape from a pizza box and glued candies on top, but I prefer to keep candy in the wrappers. This DIYer hot clued mints to a foam wreath.

This is one of my favorites tape together candy canes and hang with string. I will make this tomorrow!

Accordion fold book pages or coffee filters and adorn with embellishments.

2. Pinecones
Take pine ones from outside and add nail polish. I prefer gold or silver glitter polish.

Perfect to decorate with.

Hang with ribbon from kitchen pulls and doorknobs.

Hang in multiples with pretty ribbon. Screw in small hooks to the bottom of each pinecone.

Dot with white nail polish and glue to a wreath form. Add a ribbon and look elegant.

3. Fridge
Decorate your fridge to look like a snow man. Cut circles from black construction paper and attach with double-sided tape. Use large buttons glued to magnets. Use whatever you have handy.

Glue magnets to regular round tree ornaments. 

Simple burlap or ribbon in the fridge door looks great. Adhere thin magnets to the ribbon, or use strong  tape. I like the idea of adding small wreaths or bows to the cabinet doors.

4. Ornaments
Cover plain or mismatched ornaments in nail polish.

Glue white cupcake liners to a foam ball and use around your living room or hang on the tree.

Vases and apothecary jars are great for snowy vignettes. Spread out cotton balls at the base and top with ornaments.

Tie ribbon around each dining or kitchen table chair. Add some pinecones or sweet bells.

Hang cotton balls on string and tie a knot in between each to prevent slipping. You could also glue them in place. Use as garland anywhere.

Keep presents wrapped in coordinating colors. I wrap empty boxes and decorate the home with them. Very cheap and lovely. Stack boxes for a great effect. I use shoe boxes and cereal boxes.

Find butcher or brown paper at Dollar Tree and dust fake snow on top. You could also glue glitter to the top of each present.

Have a merry time decorating for Christmas. Spend money on the gifts and feast, not the decor!


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Cheap Tax Documents Storage

I am constantly updating my ogranizing systems. First, I was loyal to binders. Binders all over the place. Then, I swore by manilla folders in crates with nice labels. Now, I have fallen in love with simple folders that force you to not over do it with paperwork.

I found these great folders at Big Lots for $2 a piece.

They are made by BridgePort. These 10-pocket folders are great because you don't have to hole punch a single sheet. Plus, you don't need sheet protectors. Each folder is poly and flexible.

Two pockets on each page, front and back.

Thick enough to hold all your important tax documents. Buy one for each year. Always keep your taxes going back 7 years. A relative was audited last year and he wishes he had listened to this tip.

I will move my documents in folders into these 10-pocket folders. I will store them in the crates that are holding my manilla folders now.

Life is all about improvement. Always improving.